NWA Networking 

I started this website to make networking easier for everybody. 

In its early days, this resource was just scribbles on napkins.  That’s really it. I unexpectanly fell in love with what networking could do for me, and was looking for a simple solution to tell other about it.

Maybe you are new to networking. You don’t know what to expect or where to go, and you hate the idea of walking into a room of people you don’t know. Maybe you already network but aren’t getting any results from your efforts. Or maybe you feel like you have a handle on how to network but you don’t have time to look up all the events available to you.

This website is meant to be a resource for people who are looking for more places to network and tips on how to network. Check out Networking 101 if you know you need to network, but aren’t sure where to start.