Introvert to Extrovert – Creating an Extrovert Persona
Debby Holmes

Social Media…

It’s sooo nice. You are behind your screen and no one sees you.
You can use an Avatar or shots of others but you don’t have to have a personal facial identity to the public or make awkward small talk. It’s really great for introverts.


Until your boss adds networking to your job responsibilities. Or you’re needing to meet one on one as a business owner… or called to present at a meeting or conference…then what?
We all want to be successful and we all want to advance in our careers. Perhaps we want to avoid failure, but more than anything we don’t want to make a fool of ourselves or feel stupid in front of anyone, especially a group. It’s time to create an extrovert persona.

Creating an extrovert persona to compliment my introvert personality is how I learned to market in front of people and discovered a part of Me!

Here’s the 5 choices I made in creating an Extrovert persona…

#1) Choose to mimic.

I mimicked those who looked like they are having a great time marketing. Why? I wanted to be good at it too. It ignited a spark within to make a difference with my own presence and be more at ease with life itself.

#2) Choose not to be offended.

When someone was less than enlightened or enthusiastic about my presentation, it was my choice to not take it personally. I found you can find the inner resilience to stand by your ambitions for success and, in doing so, you find you become more outspoken, engaging and more energizing.

#3) Choose to not be afraid.

All my life people had said “oh just do it afraid”. Forget that! I choose instead to imagine living in a world where I could speak freely without doubt, fear or rejection. The energy you create in your mind and your world when you chose not to be afraid is powerful. And it works! Besides people can sense when you are scared spit less…..

#4) Choose “extroverted” marketing opportunities wisely.

If I have to use my extrovert persona then I’ll choose to do it where I’m likely to get the best results! An extroverted persona can become a life skill and a part of your success, but use it too much and it can wear you out!

#5) Choose to grow my confidence with fun.

Scientists say being an introvert is hard wired. I say you can get decently good at anything if you practice. When you add fun to your practice then confidence comes more naturally. Besides, why be the same, when you can be different? Difference is the part of you that chooses how you show up in the world! Whether introvert or extrovert, your personal and professional impact becomes limitless when you choose to share your passion, purpose and the difference of your fearlessly!

As Mark Twain said, “The two most important days of life are the day you’re born and the day you find out why.