Centerton Exchange
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  • Last Friday of each month
  • 8:30am at Centerton Community Center
  • 290 N Main St, Centerton, AR 72719

Centerton Exchange is a monthly round robin networking event, which means you will get an opportunity to address the whole room, and you will spend the rest of the meeting listening to other pitches. This is typically an easier process for the beginner networker, as you will have more passive networking time than active networking time.

Jeremiah and Jamie Ascherman facilitate this networking group. Open networking startes at 8:30am, round robin starts around 9am. Jeremiah will take a card from you and draw them at random for the round robin. This group allows sponsors to bring snacks and have a 5 minute spotlight. Coffee is provided by The Wicked Bean in Centerton. Open networking is encouraged after the round robin.

Expect 10-20 people to attend with you. You will have the opportunity to pass a stack of your business cards around when you speak.